Since 1987 Draminski manufactures equipment designed for livestock breeders, agriculture and veterinary medicine. The company's main focus is on manufacturing small, light and portable diagnostic ultrasound scanners.

From Draminski we offer:

  • Ultrasound devices iScan, iScan2, SonoFarm mini and 4VetSlim
  • Pregnancy detector DRAMINSKI Pregnancy Detector (for sheep, pigs and goats)
  • DRAMINSKI EDC 2 Estrous Detector  - an oestrous detector for pigs, sheep, goats, cows and mares.
  • Mastitis detector DRAMINSKI Mastitis Detector
  • Grain moisture meters
  • Agricultural thermometers for grain, silo and hay

Draminski is:

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for agriculture and pet practices as well
  • Designed for use in a farm environment thanks to the water resistance and durable corpus
  • Allow rapid diagnosis of pregnancy or pathologies in various animal species
  • Very good resolution screens that make the examination easy
  • With built-in and / or separate screen or video goggles

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