Foam Generator

The Puli-sistem Foam Generator works with compressed air and it immediately produces foam into the cup where the teat will be immersed in order to clean/hygiene the cows’ teats in the pre-milking phase.

The Puli-sistem Foam Generator is the only technology that blends in real time the chemical products; it allows to automatically produce foam with mono or bi components chemicals. This guarantees a better efficacy of the chemical solution used and the simultaneous work of more dosing guns.

Benefits of the system

  • Creates high density foam in just a couple of seconds
  • Made in anti-corrosive materials
  • Ergonomic and light dosing gun
  • Easy to adjust the foam density and the foam quantity
  • Saving time during the pre-milking practices and more consistent process
  • Avoids unwanted residues such as bacteria or dirt in the milk

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