Primistar mattress

Primistar is a mattress especially designed for heifers. The underlay of Primistar mattress is made of latex foam – the spring characteristic allows the material to permanently come back to its original shape.

  • Special dimensions for optimal comfort.
  • Mattress with a latex density produced according to the weight and the growth of the heifer.
  • The density of Primistar mattress is 240 kg/m3 – the same density is normally used when producing mattresses for adult animals
  • Seamless mattress for better hygiene – liquids and bacteria cannot enter the mattress, cleaning process is easier and quicker.
  • The latex underlay assures a natural insulation for the animals.
  • Mattress is covered by a protective rubber cover; textile inlay prevents breakage, contraction and expansion.

For adult animals, see Bioret Agri latex foam mattress Elista.

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